RIG In ONE Set - Dab Rig

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Kit Includes:

1.) Smoke Oil Scrapper

2.) Quartz Banger

3.) Carb Cap

4.) Water Pipe

5.) Torch



Borosilicate glass part of the oil rig is protected by removable silicone skin and silicone travel plugs are also included in the kit, so you can safely keep your rig filled with water. The silicone base provides a stable grip and the butane torch lighter is securely held in place with the flame aimed at the bottom of the quartz banger for quick and easy use.

Cold start dabs are achieved by placing your precious wax or concentrate into the quartz banger and gently heating it up with the torch. Once heated, put the carb cap on and wait for the concentrate to bubble and turn into a vapor. Turn off the torch and turn the carb cap as you inhale for a hit that's packed with flavor. This method combined with the showerhead percolation power results in a smoother, richer, more enjoyable hit than you would get with more traditional dabbing methods. The rig is available to order in a selection of eye-catching, colored silicone skin options. Please select the color of choice from the available options in the drop-down menu when placing your order.

No Battery, No Coil, No Problem! This Dab Rig is designed for both new and more experienced dab enthusiasts and comes decorated with decal etched into its solid glass body. Ideal for sharing with friends at parties or at home.

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